Foto: Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek, Simon Schmid/Fabian Scherler

Welcome to the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel (CDN). Devoted to the literary and pictorial work of Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921-1990), the CDN was designed by Mario Botta and integrates the former residence of the artist and painter into its architecture.

Permanent exhibition "Friedrich Dürrenmatt - writer and artist"

FD in his living room at his Neuchâtel residence, 1963. Photo: Monique Jacot

Permanent exhibition "Friedrich Dürrenmatt - writer and artist"

The permanent exhibition is devoted to Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s rich and highly diversified art, and to how it relates to his literary output.

Exhibition "Martin Disler – Vergessene Rituale˝


Martin Disler – Vergessene Rituale

1. August - 20. Oktober 2019. Vernissage: 1. August 2019


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Soirée Visarte « Martin Disler – Friedrich Dürrenmatt »

Mercredi 9 octobre 2019 à 19h. Soirée thématique en collaboration avec Visarte Neuchâtel.

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Vernissage der Ausstellung «Friedrich Dürrenmatt –Das grosse Festmahl»

Samstag, 2. November 2019 um 17 Uhr. Eintritt frei

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