Exhibitions 2023

Expo Rebelles

Friedrich Dürrenmatt – The Rebels

1 August - 10 December 2023

The exhibition unfolds a panorama of the rebel figures created by the writer and painter Friedrich Dürrenmatt: from failing heroes to angry gods and Amazons to unequal lovers.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s Sistine Chapel

11th March – 16th July 2023

The exhibition explores the murals that Friedrich Dürrenmatt created in the most private room of his house... the toilet! A unique work, highlighted by other paintings and drawings by Dürrenmatt, as well as virtual reality stations.
Expo Jeu

Friedrich Dürrenmatt – The Game

Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Valérie Favre, Jacques Chessex, Guy Debord, Hannes
Binder, Benjamin Gottwald

8th October 2022 - 12th February 2023. Extended until 26 February 2023.

The exhibition explores the many facets of games in Friedrich Dürrenmatt's work, bringing together his works with those of other artists.