Permanent Exhibition


Friedrich Dürrenmatt – writer and painter

Discover the new permanent exhibition at the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel and the life of a Swiss polymath through his rich visual and literary oeuvre.

Temporary Exhibition


Friedrich Dürrenmatt – Caricatures

15th January – 15th May 2022

This exhibition is devoted to the caricatures of Friedrich Dürrenmatt, who considered this art form a weapon of the human spirit.

Coming exhibition


Friedrich Dürrenmatt – Das Arsenal des Dramatikers. Theater, Bilder, Experimente

28th May – 25th September 2022

The exhibition shows how Friedrich Dürrenmatt combined in the theatre his two passions, painting and writing.

Collection on travels

La collection en voyage

The collection on travels

Follow the projects that the CDN is involved in. The Centre and its collection travel around Switzerland and across its frontiers, lending works and exporting exhibitions.