Exhibitions and living space

Permanent Exhibition

Teaser Dauerausstellung CDN

Friedrich Dürrenmatt – writer and painter

The permanent exhibition is devoted to Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s rich and highly diversified art, and to how it relates to his literary output.

Living space

Sixtinische Kapelle

Dürrenmatt’s living space

Discover Dürrenmatt's Sistine Chapel, his library, impressive office and other places steeped in history at the CDN.

Temporary Exhibitions

Expo Jeu

Friedrich Dürrenmatt – Le Jeu

Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Valérie Favre, Jacques Chessex, Guy Debord, Hannes Binder, Benjamin Gottwald

8th October 2022 – 12th February 2023

L’exposition présente les multiples facettes du jeu chez Friedrich Dürrenmatt en faisant entrer en résonance ses œuvres avec celles d’autres artistes.

Collection on travels

La collection en voyage

The collection on travels

Follow the projects that the CDN is involved in. The Centre and its collection travel around Switzerland and across its frontiers, lending works and exporting exhibitions.