Fritz & Nanà


Les deux visionnaires Friedrich Dürrenmatt et Leonardo Sciascia

Grand album illustré pour enfants et adultes
Parcours et détours avec Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

Wege und Umwege mit Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Jointly published by Steidl, Diogenes and the CDN, a major publication explores the complementary aspects of Dürrenmatt’s pictorial and literary oeuvre.
Cahier N° 34

Cahiers by the CDN

The CDN’s “cahiers” accompany the temporary exhibitions, collate essays, publish French translations of texts by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, and explore specific aspects of his work.

Online publications

Many scholarly articles are also available online, in particular those that came out of the 2004 summer academy at the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel.