100 years Dürrenmatt at the CDN

In 2021 the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel is staging numerous events to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Swiss writer and painter. Here you can find details of the events at the CDN. The complete 100th-birthday programme is available at the following link: 

expo permanente

Rediscover Dürrenmatt in a revamped permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition at the CDN is being transformed to enable everyone to rediscover Friedrich Dürrenmatt and his work, with new features including interactive terminals and an open storage area.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt et la Suisse

Friedrich Dürrenmatt and Switzerland

From 17 January to 2 May 2021, this exhibition will reveal how Friedrich Dürrenmatt viewed, wrote about and drew Switzerland in the second half of the 20th century.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt et le monde

Friedrich Dürrenmatt and the World

Vom 15. Mai bis 5. September 2021 unternimmt das CDN eine Globalschau auf die verschiedenen Bedeutungen von «Welt» bei Friedrich Dürrenmatt – irgendwo zwischen spielerischer Bezugnahme und den uralten Fragen nach Ursprung, Leben und Untergang.


Friedrich Dürrenmatt – Caricatures

Running from 18 September 2021 to 16 January 2022, this exhibition is devoted to the caricatures of Friedrich Dürrenmatt, who considered this art form a weapon of the human spirit.

Parcours et détours avec Friedrich Dürrenmatt

« Wege und Umwege » with Dürrenmatt : the written and visual works in dialog

Jointly published by Steidl, Diogenes and the CDN, a major publication explores the complementary aspects of Dürrenmatt’s pictorial and literary oeuvre. The first of three volumes will appear in December 2020.